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Veteran intelligence newsletter specialising in Middle East regional geostrategic analysis.

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Arab-Asian Affairs, the long-established regional and geostrategic newsletter which predicted President Anwar Sadat’s assassination and is consulted by experts and observers worldwide, analyses the operations of the Great Powers concerning the Middle East and the Islamic Asian region, exposing the post-9/11 intelligence forces that are driving the world to the brink of disaster. This newsletter pays particular attention to the deception dimensions of all Great Power strategies and to the machinations of Israel and its neighbours and the Palestinians, showing how regional rivalries and pressures are being exploited and leveraged by the Great Powers in a high-risk struggle for their own advantage. According to a comment made in 1993 by the former Russian-Soviet Red Army Commander, General Grachev, Moscow expected to be able to wage any global war from Mosdok, a colossal military territory situated adjacent to Chechnya, where the covert Soviets train cadres for terrorist and other military operations. As a senior Iranian official observed in May 2004, the Third World War has begun. It started in March 2003.

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The newsletter that unravels the machinations of the Great Powers in the Middle East. Founded by the late Jon Kimche.

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