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An Intelligent(ce) Perspective on World Affairs and Global Revolution.

Published by: Global Analysis Limited

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Global Analysis Limited specialises in researching and publishing exposures and insider analyses on the World Revolution through which we are living. Our primary new activity has been the recent introduction of Global Analyst, a quality newsletter published as six issues per series (roughly annually). Global Analyst addresses the multiple dimensions of the revolutionary, esoteric and subversive operations that are destabilising all our societies, including occultic and other familiar diversions from True Christianity, the perversion and subversion of organised religion, the covert criminalisation and penetration of intelligence communities, the ever-expanding mega-corruption of governance, the control of national and supranational government by intelligence cadres, and the ubiquitous Illuministic revolutionary menace to ordered civilisation. Global Analyst further investigates ‘where no brush can reach’, exposing dimensions of the World Revolution with a depth of understanding that may be absent from superficial analyses by many other sources, most of which are vulnerable to some degree of intelligence control (especially in the United States, where every main press room has its own in-house intelligence cell). Global Analysis Limited is operated independently of all outside interests so as to be able to maximise the potential of intelligence objectivity, given ubiquitous mis- and disinformation.

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  • ISSN: 1365-4705
  • First Published in: 2002
  • Issues per Volume/Serial: 6
  • Editor: Christopher Story FRSA

Why is the world in such a mess? Global Analyst identifies and exposes the evil forces that seek to create chaos out of order worldwide, and shows how they can be frustrated and defeated.

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